Web Developer
Babak Nikookhouy

Im a freelance Web Developer who’s passionate about three things: Programming, Music & Video Games..!

About Me

Web Developer, Software Developer and Data Analyst.

Developing with passion.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve dedicated myself to crafting sophisticated Web Application ERP Systems, honing my expertise in C#, ASP.Net, and ASP.Net Core. This journey has not only made these technologies second nature to me but has also fostered a keen understanding of HTML & CSS.

My proficiency extends to mobile app development, particularly with Xamarin, allowing me to create compelling and intuitive mobile applications.

In addition to building websites from scratch, I’ve found joy in leveraging platforms like WordPress. With a deep grasp of Bootstrap and React, I’ve fine-tuned my ability to design and create visually stunning websites. This journey has not only enhanced my design skills but also amplified my capability to elevate user experiences.

While my professional focus lies in software development, my passion for video games has led me to explore Unreal Engine 5, further broadening my skill set and creative prowess.

What Services I'm Providing

These are the things that i can do for you

Web Applications

Crafting tailored web applications that bring your ideas to life. From responsive design to seamless user experiences, I specialize in building dynamic and scalable solutions that meet your unique needs.

UX/UI Design

Designing intuitive and visually captivating UX/UI, I focus on user-centric designs, ensuring seamless navigation and engaging interfaces for your audience.

Web Development

Transforming concepts into captivating digital experiences. I can make you Dynamic or Static Web Sites based on your needs,  also familiar with stablishing and designing on CMS platforms especially WordPress.

Mobile Applications

Crafting dynamic mobile experiences using Xamarin. I ensure high-performing apps across platforms (both IOS & Android), tailored to your needs with precision and care.


By Clicking on Demo you can check an Web Application that i designed for the Testing purposes.

What I Code the Most

These are the things that im mostly coding with


Proficient in VB.Net, I bring a depth of knowledge and a keen understanding of its framework to the table. With a solid foundation and a comprehensive grasp of VB.Net’s capabilities, I navigate its syntax and functionalities adeptly. My experience allows me to create efficient, reliable, and tailored solutions, leveraging the language’s features to craft applications that meet precise specifications while ensuring reliability and scalability.


Mastering the intricate world of C#, I possess a deep understanding and extensive hands-on experience in leveraging its power to craft robust, efficient, and scalable solutions. With a meticulous approach and a proven track record, I thrive in translating complex concepts into elegant, functional code. My expertise in C# allows me to architect applications that not only meet but exceed expectations, ensuring optimal performance and seamless user experiences.


Proficient in the fundamentals and syntax of Python. This understanding empowers me to contribute effectively to projects, employing Python’s vast libraries and straightforward syntax to drive innovative solutions and streamline processes.


 Proficient in crafting clean, structured HTML and styling it with CSS, I ensure visually appealing and functionally robust web interfaces. This expertise allows me to transform designs into responsive, user-friendly websites, employing the best practices of these languages to create seamless and engaging digital experiences.


Having explored the fundamentals of JavaScript and completed several small projects, I possess a solid understanding of the language’s core concepts. This knowledge allows me to contribute effectively to front-end development, enhancing user interactivity and functionality.


My Portfolio

Here is the sample of some of my works

Stay In Touch

If you want to contact with me personally just send me a message and i will be keeping up with you as soon as possible.